Global Development Program

What is GDP?

Global Development Program – An holistic approach to academic development.
We guide our students to become future change makers through our Global Development Program. We offer a blend of skill-building activities and programs in our dynamic learning environment and academic culture to nurture the life of our students.

Salient features of GDP

Ranking System

Internal weekly and monthly tests that eventually lead to ranking of students based on scores of every test taken.


Top coaching to achieve maximum potential of students by evaluating their performance and assisting them to set their academic goals.

Career Guidance Seminars

To help students, and parents gain awareness about various career options, career planning, goals setting and clear pathways to achieve it.


Special workshops for academic development, to impart practical approach and experiential learning to our students.


Robotics for students to learn about engineering concepts and to practice Maths and problem-solving skills.

Stargazing Activity

Stargazing activity to encourage the love for science and astronomy amongst the students.


Practical knowledge of every subject is important. We ensure topic-wise exposure in the form of projects.